a comprehensive resource of avian hand rearing techniques for captive bird populations

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Keeping up to date

If you have used any of the listed protocols please inform us of your success rate and/or any problems you experience. This information will ensure that the website is kept up to date and as comprehensive as possible, allowing others to benefit from your experience.

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Submit protocols

If you have found this website of value and have other information or protocols you think would be of value to others please get in touch.

Protocols can be submitted in any format but it would be helpful if you could answer as many of the following questions as possible:

  1. Hand Rearing Protocol: (species - common and scientific name)
  2. Year Protocol first used
  3. Institution/individual name
  4. Number of birds protocol used on
  5. Number of birds successfully reared on protocol
  6. Has this protocol been used by more than one institution/individual
  7. Have the birds gone on to produce fertile eggs
  8. Have the birds successfully parent reared
  9. Are there any important comments/warnings you would like to highlight when hand rearing this species
  10. Could you supply two photographs of either adult birds or chicks

Download a template to submit rearing information/protocols >

Submit any information to .

Please ensure you have permission from your institution before submitting any information.

Template table for hand rearing notes

Whilst hand rearing it is important to document as much information as possible.
Download a formatted table > that can be used or adapted for your own requirements.

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